As Smartphones Get Smarter, Video Gets Less Reliable

As Smartphones Get Smarter, Video Gets Less Reliable

smartphonesIt seems like every year the big smartphone makers introduce a more sophisticated and powerful product. Today’s newest smartphones often feature high-definition cameras mounted on both the front and the back of the camera.

Some of these smartphones can even shoot video at super speeds, allowing them to be played back in super slow motion. There are even apps you can download that allow users to edit their own videos, add music and even sound effects, title cards, subtitles, and more.

But the more advanced these smartphones become, the more chances there are that you are going to be disappointed by them when you rely on them to record an important life event.

Too Much Information

Just because the latest smartphones include all these amazing features doesn’t mean that you are going to know how to use them. Apple’s iPhones, for example, don’t come with any type of instruction manual because the company’s co-founder, the late Steve Jobs, wanted his products to be “instinctual”.

That’s another way of saying you are left on your own to figure out how to use them. So if you rely on your phone to video record a wedding, anniversary, graduation, or another lifetime event, can you really be sure you have the skills you need to create an engaging and professional looking video?

Trust the Big Moments to the Pros

There’s no question: Today’s advanced smartphones are great for shooting spontaneous videos of family, pets, and other day-to-day interactions. But you probably don’t want to rely on them to record for posterity life’s most important moments.

Hiring a professional videographer ensures that your life’s biggest events will be captured reliably, professionally, and permanently. For your next big event, make sure the professionals at Hawaii Video Pro are behind the camera.




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