Drone Photography Adds Another Dimension

Drone Photography Adds Another Dimension

droneIf you are making a video for your business, school, or organization, consider including drone video photography as part of your production. Cinematic drone shots offer a birds-eye perspective to any video, providing context and beauty at the same time.

Just a few years ago, overhead shots were prohibitively expensive to produce. They required renting a helicopter, hiring an airplane with a video camera bolted to its belly, or — for more low-altitude shots — a costly crane to raise the camera high above the scene.

Today, however, the use of drones is so common that practically any type of video can now include a panoramic overhead drone shot as part of its final cut.

Uses of Drone Shots

Drone shots add value to practically any type of video. For example, if you create a video to showcase a real estate property you are selling, including an affordable overhead drone shot can create a breathtaking image that will instantly provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the scope and scale of the property.

If you are documenting a sports team or sporting event, including drone shots can help viewers understand strategy or key moments from a “God’s eye” perspective. Imagine Xs and Os played out in real-time with actual players.

 Easy and Affordable

An increasing number of video producers are now including drone shots as part of their productions and for good reason. They offer dramatic images that can take your videos to the next level. Plus, they are now surprisingly affordable to create.

At Hawaii Video Pro, we are pioneering the use of drone video photography for use in videos highlighting real estate, sporting events, colleges and universities, corporations, and even orientation and training.

To learn more about how easy, affordable, yet dramatic drone videos can help improve your next video production, contact Hawaii Video Pro, the local drone video professionals.



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