Video Testimonials Promote Your Brand or Business

Video Testimonials Promote Your Brand or Business

BusinessWhen somebody personally recommends a product or service to you, aren’t you more likely to listen to them than a commercial on TV, radio, or online? Of course, you are. Most people assign more weight to person-to-person recommendations than any other type of promotion.

So one of the fastest, easiest, and more successful ways to promote your business or brand is to create video testimonials from customers who are raving fans. Professionally produced video testimonials create that personal connection that is so critical to influencing others to give your business a chance.

Why Testimonials Work

High-quality video testimonials make emotional connections with prospective customers. People relate more to other real people who are simply giving their honest opinion about something that is important to them. Traditional radio, TV, and print/web-based advertisements have their place, but they rarely yield the significant results that a video testimonial can bring.

Once created, video testimonials also can be posted over and over again in a variety of different formats and platforms. They can be placed on your business’s website, direct messaged to prospective leads, or even included in your other marketing. Plus, they never lose their powerful ability to create genuine connections with people.

 Collecting Testimonials

If you don’t already have video testimonials from happy customers and clients, now is the time to start. Simply identify people who are strong advocates for your business or brand then ask if they would be willing to record a video testimonial. The call Hawaii Video Pro to record them so that they are professional, powerful, and timeless.

Video testimonials work. Your best customers are often more than happy to participate. And they are highly effective at promoting your business, products, or brand. So if you are looking for one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways to attract new customers or clients, call Hawaii Video Pro today to learn more about how you can start collecting video testimonials.



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