Video Is Now the Best Way to Market Real Estate

Video Is Now the Best Way to Market Real Estate

Real EstateIt’s safe to say that the internet has changed just about every aspect of our lives: The way we communicate with each other, how we are entertained, even our buying habits.

But one of the most dramatic consequences of the digital revolution has been in the real estate industry. The old way of marketing a property — posting a “for sale” sign on the front lawn, hosting an open house, and walking prospective buyers through the house — has been rendered obsolete.

Today, if you want to market a real estate property, it needs to be virtual.

Bigger, Better, Bolder

Professionally produced real estate videos that are posted online allow sellers to reach more people, target a specific set of potential buyers, and cast the property in the best possible light. Plus, it reduces or eliminates the time and expense involved in staging a property, hosting a live event, and leading endless tours through a single property.

Instead, real estate agents and realtors who use video marketing can make exponentially more sales by reaching hundreds, if not thousands, of potential buyers with a single digital video that can be posted on an unlimited number of platforms and viewed by anybody, anywhere, on any device.

Boost the Bottom Line

But the time and money saved by posting real estate videos online have another, more practical effect: Because they are spending less time on each property, they can represent many, many more sellers. And that means a bigger market share, more sales, and more commissions.

Buyers and sellers alike prefer real estate videos to traditional marketing because it saves time and effort while reducing costs. Buyers can look at dozens of properties from the comfort of their own living rooms and sellers don’t have to deal with strangers traipsing through their homes.

If you are a Hawaii-based realtor or agent and you aren’t yet using professional video to market your properties, it’s time you started. Contact Hawaii Video Pro to learn more today!



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