Video ‘Reels’ Grant Access to Entertainment Industry

Video ‘Reels’ Grant Access to Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry

If you are an actor, singer, dancer, or any other type of entertainer, to get professional jobs you need to audition. But when you live in Hawaii, getting to the places where most auditions are held — namely, New York City and Hollywood — can be prohibitively expensive. So what’s the most cost-effective way to show off your talents to the hiring managers who matter in show business?

Video “reels” are compilations of your best work that can be sent digitally anywhere. They chronicle what you have done, what you can do, and what you are capable of doing.  And they offer hard proof that you are the right person for the role.

Cheap and Easy

Unless you are an established performer who already has an agent, a manager, or somebody else on the mainland promoting your career, most studios, theaters, and production companies aren’t going to pay for you to fly to the continent for an audition. Most working actors, singers, and dancers need to be able to prove their they have the “chops” to get the best jobs.

Video reels offer tangible evidence of your performance experience. They can feature commercial work, stage roles, movie and TV roles, and even dramatic readings or song auditions that showcase your talent. Once these videos are produced, they can be submitted to casting agents, entertainment agents, managers, and others.

Hawaii Video Pro

It’s essential that the video reels you submit look professional. If they are amateurish or sub-standard, they will most likely never even be seen. A bad reel can hurt more than help your entertainment career.

Hawaii Video Pro is the local professional video production house that can help you compile an impressive video reel that highlights what you are capable of doing. And once your digital video reel is produced, you can send it out as many times as you like anywhere and for free.



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