Kids Today Prefer Watching to Reading

Kids Today Prefer Watching to Reading

Kids Today Prefer Watching to Reading

There is a definite trend in classrooms today toward watching videos and away from reading textbooks. In many schools, YouTube videos are nearly as common as math texts, history books, or assigned reading in English classes.

Why? Probably because it’s become way cheaper, faster, and more efficient to produce videos than it is to publish books. Plus, for better or worse the gradual shortening of people’s attention spans have made watching a more popular option than actually reading.

Video Production

This trend isn’t likely to go back to the way it was anytime soon. Kids today are practically born with an iPad, smartphone, or other video game controller in their hands. So it’s only natural for them to prefer watching videos to reading books.

Smart educators understand and adapt to changing circumstances. In other words, if you can’t beat’em, join’em. An increasing number of teachers, authors, and other academics are devoting their attention to creating educational, informative, and entertaining videos that students will actually and enthusiastically want to watch.

Especially during the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown, students today became acclimated with watching rather than reading. One of the unexpected consequences of this global cataclysm is the acceleration of the trend toward the use of video in education almost exclusively.

Get on Board

Hawaii Video Pro can help educators produce, create, and distribute professional videos that accommodate the current trends. Top-quality digital videos can be produced once and then used, again and again, hundreds or even thousands of times for no additional expense.

Plus, young people today are more likely to watch an assigned video than they are to read a novel or textbook. So there’s the added benefit of actually exposing students to the material they need to know in order to learn the concepts you are trying to express.



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