Promotional videos introduces your brand, product, service, organization or company to viewers and convinces them that your business is worth their time.

It can be used for sharing the brand’s values or to simply increase brand awareness.

Promotional videos can help your business reach new audiences and attract new viewers to your social media pages and website.

Promotional marketing videos are becoming even more necessary for any business to find success, they are a  powerful form of visual communication.

While it’s easy for someone to forget reading or hearing about you, they are less likely to forget if they watch a video about that shows your values or just promotes part of what your company does.

Hawaii Video Pro have done hundreds of videos promoting all kind of business and will be more than happy to assist you on your next marketing project.

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Disclaimer: If you’re on a diet don’t watch this video 🙂 Ted’s Bakery is now offering custom pies at their North Shore location in Sunset Beach. It was an honor to film Mr. Ted Nakamura, Ted’s Bakery owner, as he made these delicious pies for these videos.

Great to work with the Honolulu Jewelry Company team to create this ad for their new award winning Kaimana pendant, which comes with five matched marquise cut stones in VS quality diamonds or white sapphires, and in solid 14k gold or sterling silver. created this Hawaii Kai Case Study video for Hawaii Bahia Real Estate Investments.

Great to work with Hawai’i Integrated Analytics (HIA). They have a team of researchers whose mission is to show that healthcare doesn’t always take place in a doctor’s office. They create custom assessments for companies and organizations that measure individual clinical biomarkers and larger community social impacts. We created this promo and other testimonial videos with We Are Oceania, Hawaii Food Basket and Ma’o Organic Farms.

Maui Alpaca is an 8 acre Alpaca Farm Estate is located on the beautiful slopes of Haleakalā National park. There you can participate on Retreats, Fiber Classes, Yoga and Meditation ~ all next to their beautiful Alpaca and Angora bunnies.

Extremely fun working with the team from

They offer scenic tours on the North Shore of Oahu where you can just enjoy the ride, snorkel or even slide with your friends or family on an inflatable tow ride!

“Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up.”
Leonardo da Vinci

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