Narration Service Waikiki – Telling Your Story

Narration Service Waikiki – Telling Your Story

At Hawaii Video Pro, we specialize in creating, distributing and promoting all types of videos for businesses, including training videos, promotional videos, animation, testimonials, event documentation, and much, much more.

But we also provide professional-quality narration services for many of our clients. In some instances, we will produce a video and also hire and work with the voice over artists using a script provided either by the client or written in-house by one of our professional content creators.

In other cases, clients approach us with videos they already have shot themselves or that was shot by another professional video production team and we can supply the voice over narration to complete the video.

Corporate Storytellingnarration

When it comes to connecting with your intended audience, a picture tells a thousand words. But compelling video alone is not enough.

To make your videos highly effective, you need to include words to go along with your pictures. That can include brief snippets with people interviewed for the video. But it also usually includes video narration provided by a professional voice over actor.

Narration for your video using a customized script and read by a professional actor can highlight the services and products your company offers, essentially telling the story you want to use to connect with your intended audience — whether it’s employees you want to train, new customers you want to attract, shareholders or investors you want to reassure, or anybody else watching your professionally produced videos.

Hawaii Video Pro

At Hawaii Video Pro, you can rely on us to handle every aspect of your video production.

Whether it’s working with the pre-made video you provide, creating completely original videos, or providing the professional, high-quality narration services you need, you will find the video production your business is looking for at Hawaii Video Pro.




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