Introduce Your Business to Prospective Customers with Video

Introduce Your Business to Prospective Customers with Video

VideoWhen it comes to local businesses, people want to have a personalized connection.

Big franchises and chains typically offer economy, but it generally comes at a price. When people visit chain stores, franchised restaurants, and other businesses that are a part of a much larger corporation, they expect the experience to be a little impersonal and perhaps sterile.

They don’t expect genuine friendliness or people who know their name – or even appreciate their business.

But small, locally-owned businesses are different. Customers often flock to these types of businesses as much for the experience as the products themselves. They want to be treated like a person rather than a number. They want that kind of “personal touch” they can’t get from a chain or franchise.

Video Introductions

This is especially true in Hawaii, where locals prefer buying from local businesses and tourists would rather get the “real local flavor” rather than visiting the same businesses they could go to back home.

Once you can get these customers through your door, you can wow them with your genuine friendliness and appreciation for their business. But you have to get them through the door first!

That’s where video can come into play. People may be obsessed with their smartphone and other devices, but most of the time they are watching video, or at least scrolling through links to videos.

If you can create a video that introduces your local business and tells real people what your business is all about and why they should visit, you can make that connection that will actually bring people to you.

Specializing in Business Introductions

At Hawaii Video Pro, creating effective introductory videos for local businesses is what we do. We’ve helped dozens of small, local businesses attract new, long-term customers with business video introductions, and we can help you, too!




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