Video Production Oahu for the 21st Century

Video Production Oahu for the 21st Century

VideoA lot of things are changing in the 21st Century.

Ride sharing is replacing taxi cabs in most cities. Self-driving cars are currently being tested. There is even talk of flying cars in the near future.

Another thing that has changed is the way businesses promote themselves, their products, and their brands. Consider this: When was the last time you sat through an entire television commercial?

In the age of digital video recorders, streaming video, and other modern means of entertainment, traditional TV commercials are largely a thing of the past. If you have watched one lately, it was probably by accident.

  Use for Video

While TV commercials are out of style, using video to promote businesses, products, or brands is not. Video remains the primary means of communicating with existing and prospective customers. It’s just not used the same way it was in the past.

Today, companies are far more likely to produce videos for use on their social media sites than they are their local TV station. Links to videos can be sent directly to customers via email or texts.

Video also can be produced for use at trade shows, conventions, or as part of multi-media live presentations.

  Direct Marketing

By abandoning traditional uses of video marketing, companies are better able to target their message to the people who are more receptive to absorbing it.

Social media makes it easy to target people who already have expressed an interest in products or services like the ones you offer. Text and email video links make it easy to build customer loyalty with people who already have interacted with your business.

While the use of video has changed, it’s importance as a marketing tool hasn’t. If you want to promote your business on 21st Century platforms, Hawaii Video Pro has the resources, experience, and expertise you need.




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