Build Your Global Reputation as an Expert

Build Your Global Reputation as an Expert


Do you have a specialized skill? An area of expertise that sets you apart from everybody else? Something you know better than anybody?

If so, you could be recognized as a global expert in your field. All you need is access to everybody in the world. Fortunately, the internet provides just that.

How to Be an Expert

To be globally recognized as an expert in whatever it is that you know well, all you need is access to the internet and a video — or series of videos — in which you illustrate your expertise. These could be videos in which you give a lecture, show how to do something specific, or simply market your own particular expertise.

Then what you need to do is position your videos online so that they can be easily found by people looking for experts in your field. This can include posting them on video sites like YouTube or Vimeo or other places that search engines often guide users.

Another way to promote yourself as an expert is to market your videos directly to the people you want to target. These could be local news producers, documentary filmmakers, law enforcement agencies, trade organizations, or others who are actively seeking out authoritative voices in your field.

Establishing Credibility

If you want to be seen as an expert in your field, you need to present yourself with credibility. If you post shaky, handheld videos that you shot with your smartphone you are far less likely to be taken seriously than if you create professionally produced videos with at least bare minimum production values.

Being recognized as a respected spokesman can have advantages to your reputation, your career, and even your finances. Find an area in which you know more than practically anybody else, create professionally produced videos that highlight your expertise, then post them where people seeking that kind of authoritative voice can find them and you can achieve your goal of being a famous, in-demand expert in your field.



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