Video Is the Eternal Format

Video Is the Eternal Format

When you create content on video, it can literally live on forever. That means that the video you make today can be viewed years, decades, or even centuries from now.


Films made on celluloid a century ago can still be viewed even though the archaic format they were created on is no longer in use. Videos made digitally today will be able to be transferred to technologies that haven’t even been invented yet.

So creating professionally made, high-quality videos is the best way to create a lasting legacy for your wedding, business, school, or other interest.

Longevity of Video

One of the biggest benefits of video is that it can be continually transferred from format to format. Films created on celluloid that were transferred to 35 mm later may have been transferred again to VHS format magnetic videotape.

That same film can then be transferred again to digital video when today’s modern technology became available. And so on eternally into the future. That gives the format of video a lasting legacy of longevity that allows the same images to be viewed essentially forever.

Multiple Uses

So if you make a video today of your wedding, for example, or a TV commercial for your product or business, you can confidently expect that video to be viewable 10, 20, 50, or even 100 years in the future — even if you aren’t still around to see it.

That’s a powerful communications tool. It also offers the video creator the versatility to benefit from a single video over a long, long period of time. And unlike earlier formats, with digital video, the quality won’t deteriorate over multiple viewings.

If you want to create impressions that can literally last forever, let Hawaii Video Pro create professional, effective videos for your business, school, or social event.



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