Hawaii Truly Photogenic

Hawaii Truly Photogenic

We live in the most photogenic place in the entire world. Hawaii not only has great weather all year round, but it also features a wide variety of location types, from volcanic ridges to pristine shorelines, from bustling urban centers to remote jungles.

Sunset Wave

No wonder so many popular movies and TV shows choose to shoot in Hawaii. Practically every resident has come across location shooting at some point or another, either for hit TV shows such as “Lost” or “Hawaii Five-O” or blockbuster movies like “The Descendants” or “Pearl Harbor”.

Tropical Paradise

Hawaii is a tropical paradise but it’s also close enough to the mainland that big movie studios and TV production companies can access its various locations easily and affordably. Unlike other exotic locales in Polynesia, there are hundreds of commercial and cargo flights to Hawaii from cities throughout the continental US, Japan, and other population centers every week.

But thanks to the rise in popularity of Hawaii’s stunning scenery and versatile locations, recent years have seen a steep increase in the number of production facilities on the islands. Now studios don’t have to freight all of their production equipment all the way here every time they want to shoot something. Odds are, whatever they need already is here.

Economic Boom

The rise in filming on Hawaii’s many islands also has provided an economic windfall to the state. In addition to the increase in tax revenue and spending, many local residents also benefit from either direct or indirect employment by these productions.

Hawaii Video Pro offers many services to production companies creating art in Hawaii. We’re the hometown experts in video and film production.

Hawaii has always been the most beautiful place in the world. Now the rest of the world is starting to showcase it more often in films and on TV.



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