Nonprofits Connect with Video Images

Nonprofits Connect with Video Images


Nonprofits are in a tough spot. They need funding to thrive and survive yet by definition they are prohibited from making a profit from the products or services they provide.

And without profits, it’s hard to create the kind of professionally produced marketing campaigns nonprofits need to make genuine connections with clients, customers, and donors.

The solution: Affordable yet highly effective video messages that make immediate, genuine connections that result in actionable responses.

Video Works

If a picture says a thousand words, then sleek, expertly produced videos speak volumes. Even if videos are only a few minutes long, they can include images, music, and narration that can create real emotional responses in viewers.

Videos can be directed at potential donors, prospective clients, or even the public at large to enhance a nonprofit organization’s image, enlarge its branding, or promote specific products or services.

Videos are used by every type of nonprofits, including health care systems, charities, public interest organizations, and clubs and other groups to craft specific messaging to highly targeted audiences. Or they can push the nonprofit’s branding to new audiences locally or even globally.

Moving Images

Best of all, video is now the primary way viewers get their information. Videos have rapidly replaced things like print media, direct mail, or even email as the most effective, most direct, and most absorbable delivery system for nonprofits.

If your Hawaii-based nonprofit is looking for new, highly effective, and results-driven ways to promote your organization, enhance your brand, and make genuine connections with people who you rely on for your success, let Hawaii Video Pro craft specific, effective videos for your organization today.



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