Be the Face of Your Business

Be the Face of Your Business

You worked hard to build your business. You have invested your time, your effort, and your money. So shouldn’t you benefit by being the face of your business?

Starring in commercials that promote your business lets you be the recognizable personality associated with the enterprise you build with your own blood, sweat, and tears. You owe it to your customers and yourself to be the person in the spotlight when it comes to promoting your business.

Market Your Personality

For one thing, your business is a reflection of your own personality. Its success is going to depend on you. You are the person taking all the risks. So shouldn’t you be the one reaping the rewards of recognition, respect, and even notoriety within your community?

One of the reasons people are attracted to your business because they like you personally. You can exploit the power of your own personality by putting yourself in the spotlight and starring in your own promotional videos, including TV commercials, YouTube videos, and even instructional and training videos for new employees.

It’s Your Name on the Door

When it comes down to it, your business is all about you. So you should be the person people think about when they consider your business.

Being the public face of your enterprise also sets you apart from the competition. People are more likely to choose a business when they feel like they know the owner. Starring in your own marketing videos and featuring your image on other promotional materials gives them a face to put with the name of your business.

So don’t be shy. Don’t try to avoid the spotlight. Put yourself front and center by becoming the face of your business by starring in your own videos. You’ve earned it!



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