Dangers of DIY Drone Photography

Dangers of DIY Drone Photography

Drones have allowed anybody to create stunning, panoramic overhead photography. Just strap a camera or smartphone to a commercially purchased drone and set your sights on the stratosphere.

But there are dangers involved with drone photography. If you don’t know what you are doing or are careless, it can even lead to civil suits and criminal prosecution.

The use of drones is a developing technology. So when it comes to drone photography or video for your business, school, or another enterprise, you probably want to leave it up to the professionals.

Drone Risks

Drones may fly freely, but they are not free to fly just anywhere. There are strict local and federal rules restricting the use of drones in certain areas. Flying a drone into restricted airspace — such as an airport or military base — not only can lead to having your drone shot out of the sky, but also to arrests, lengthy interrogations, and even criminal prosecution.

The problem is that most amateur drone operators aren’t familiar with where they can and can’t fly their drones. So it’s super easy to accidentally “step over the line” without even knowing that you are breaking the law.

Then there are the risks of drone crashes, or improperly secured cameras dropping out of the sky onto unsuspecting people below.

Don’t Take Chances

A better plan is to leave drone video or still photography up to experienced, seasoned professionals. At Hawaii Video Pro, we have been a local leader in industrial and commercial drone photography practically since drones were invented. So we know the legal and safe ways to get the overhead shots you want without the risks.

Drone photography may be relatively new, but it’s rapidly becoming an exciting visual choice for commercial and industrial applications. Learn more about how you can incorporate drone photography into your business safely and legally by contacting Hawaii Video Pro today.



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