Video Simplifies Repetitive Task Training

Video Simplifies Repetitive Task Training

TrainingLet’s say you own a business. And you need to teach your workers how to perform a specific task, such as loading products into a box properly so they aren’t damaged during shipping.

When you have one or two employees, that kind of training is no big deal. But when your business grows and you hire dozens or even hundreds of new workers, teaching them that one single task can take you away from more important things for far too long. Sure, you could hire trainers, but then you have to pay more in wages and benefits just to train people — not to mention having to take the time to train the trainers!

Repetitive Task Training

Multiply that one task by the hundreds of small things you need your employees to do and you can see how expensive and time-consuming training can be.

But there’s a simpler way to get all of your employees on the same page and provide comprehensive training with minimal investment: Video.

In the example above, simply making a video of how you want your boxes to be loaded can save you tons of time and a pile of money. That single video can be shown to every new employee so that they thoroughly understand your expectations. And if down the line, they fail to meet those expectations, employees can be retrained using the same video at no additional financial or time outlay by you.

Hawaii Video Pro

Professional video producers at Hawaii Video Pro can help you identify the training you need then collaborate to create informative, thorough training videos that can be shown to new and old employees alike as many times as you require.

Hawaii Video Pro has helped dozens of local companies simplify their training and reduce new hire costs by producing effective, high-value training videos that establish and reinforce your expectations.



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