Video Creates Instant Social Media Connections

Video Creates Instant Social Media Connections

social mediaIn today’s competitive market, connecting with customers and clients on social media isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity. Most people today check their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts far more often than they check their email. And scrolling through social media during idle moments has become practically universal.

So if your organization or business isn’t represented on the biggest and most popular social media platforms, you potentially are missing out on the majority of your opportunities to interact directly with the people who matter most.

Streaming Video 

Most social media supports three main communications methods: Traditional text, photos, and video. Of these three, video is by far the most effective at making genuine, long-lasting connections with people.

While text messaging has essentially replaced phone calls as the primary means of communication among people below a certain age group, text posts on social media are the least effective. Social media is a fast, image-centric platform. It’s a fact: Most people simply won’t take the time to read long blocks of copy.

Instead, in today’s Digital Age, people are seeking the kind of instant connections that come from pictures and, more importantly, video. Reading is active but looking at a picture, a meme, or a video is more passive and therefore easier. And among the audiences monitoring social media most frequently, easier is always better.

Effective Communications 

The most effective way to connect on the most popular platforms is through brief, professionally produced videos that boil down your message to its absolute essentials: Top qualities of your products or services, how you want your organization to be framed, what solutions you can provide instantly and effectively.

The world is moving faster and attention spans are getting shorter. That’s just the way it is. The most successful organizations accept things the way they actually are and take steps to adapt to the changing environment.



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