Smartphones No Replacement for Professional Video

Smartphones No Replacement for Professional Video


Some of today’s newest smartphones feature HD cameras that can shoot slow-motion, panoramic, or high-speed video. Some even have built-in filters and computer editing software that allow users to make and post completely finished videos right from their phones.

But regardless of how sophisticated smartphone cameras and software become, it will never be a complete substitute for professionally produced videos by experienced filmmakers.

Professionalism Sells

Just because you can produce a video from your smartphone to promote your business doesn’t mean you should. Keep in mind that the hastily-produced video you create and post from your smartphone may be the only interaction prospective clients or customers may have with your business or institution.

So when the video looks amateurish, cheap, or isn’t well-planned, that’s how people may perceive your enterprise. A better plan is to rely on smartphone videos for less important images or “quick hits” and use experienced, high-quality video producers like Hawaii Video Pro for the important stuff.

Smartphone Limitations

While the picture quality has dramatically improved in recent years, smartphone videos still tend to be shaky, even when you use a tripod. That’s because one of the smartphones’ biggest positives — how light and mobile they are — is also one of the biggest drawbacks to using them to create videos.

Another issue is sound. While huge technological advancements have been made in smartphone cameras, their sound is still pretty bad. That’s not surprising when you consider the microphone is the size of a pinpoint and usually is located several feet away from the subject being recorded.

And while some smartphones have filtering tech that allows you to manipulate lighting, in inexperienced hands the results are often poor and amateurish. And that’s not the image you want your business or institution to project, especially to people connecting with you for the first time.

Smartphones tech has improved. But professional video production is still the right solution for your business.



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