Drone Photography + Real Estate Marketing = Faster Sales

Drone Photography + Real Estate Marketing = Faster Sales

Drone Photography

Drone video photography has only been around for a couple of years. But already it has become an essential element of successful real estate marketing.

It’s gotten to the point where if you are selling a home and you don’t include aerial views of the property on the home’s web page, buyers are likely to skip right past it to the next home.

Serving Hawaii Realtors

The demand for drone video photography among realtors in Hawaii is high right now. That’s because every realtor understands the importance of including sky-high property views on their real estate offerings pages. But there are only a limited number of qualified, experienced video production companies that offer this service.

Hawaii Video Pro is the best of the bunch. We have been providing top-quality overhead drone video photography for realtors in Hawaii since the technology was first introduced. We now serve many of the biggest and most popular real estate businesses on the islands with professional-grade, 4K videos that highlight the best features of their properties from a bird’s eye perspective.

Real Estate Buyers

People buying homes and commercial buildings in Hawaii now expect to be able to see what the property looks like from the air. Drone video photography offers both perspective and drama to any real estate listing. And because it is shot digitally, it can instantly be shared on any platform — including text messaging and social media sites — an unlimited number of times.

That makes drone video photography an essential part of any successful real estate listing. If you aren’t already including overhead video images of your property on your real estate listings, you can be sure that your competitors are. If you are a local realtor, get in the game by having Hawaii Video Pro create dramatic, cinematic video images of the Hawaii properties you represent.



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