Codify Performance Standards with Instructional Videos

Codify Performance Standards with Instructional Videos

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Running a business is hard. Getting your employees to do meet your expectations during every customer interaction is practically impossible unless the owner personally supervises workers constantly. But that’s not practical because you have other things to worry about — such as running and growing your business!

Instructional videos offer a solution. Once you determine what you want your performance standards are, you can create instructional videos that explain and demonstrate these standards to both new and existing employees. Then, when your people fail to meet these standards, they can be sent back to rewatch the videos so they understand how to do better next time.

Video Permanency

The best thing about codifying performance standards with instructional videos is that you only have to create them once. When you have a library of specific job standards on video, it creates a permanent record of how you want employees to perform their jobs.

Videos can demonstrate every element of the customer interaction experience, from the greeting to the sales pitch to closing the deal. Then these videos can be distributed digitally however and wherever you would like, including directly to your people’s smartphones and tablets.

They can be referred back to by supervisors, managers, and line-level employees alike so that everybody is always on the same page when it comes to job standards.

One and Done

Best of all, creating a permanent video library of job standards is cost-effective. It saves time, money, and effort on training and retraining. And if any particular performance standard needs to be modified, the new video can seamlessly be inserted into the rest of the training library for easy access.

Hawaii Video Pro can help you create, modify, and distribute instructional videos for the specific job standards you want for your business. Our professionally produced videos can ensure your customers receive consistent, high-quality service from your employees during every interaction.



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