Document Conventions and Trade Shows

Document Conventions and Trade Shows

Document Conventions

Trade shows, conventions, and other industry events are important for sharing ideas, networking, and learning about what’s new within your field. But they aren’t always convenient for everybody, especially if they are held in Hawaii.

Documenting your trade show or convention with professionally produced videos lets those who couldn’t attend keep up on what they missed while providing organizers with a permanent digital record that can be referenced and distributed without limits.

Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, and More

Most conventions and trade shows follow a familiar format. There’s the exhibit floor where attendees can visit booths set up by various event sponsors and vendors. Then there are breakout sessions where people can hear about whatever specific relevant topics that are of interest to them. Then there’s usually a keynote speaker or speakers by some type of well-known person within that particular industry.

All of these elements can be documented with digital video and either live-streamed, recorded for later broadcast and distribution, or both. People who were interested in attending the convention or trade show but couldn’t will then be able to see much of what they missed later. Plus, show organizers can archive the recordings and distribute them however they wish, use them for reference, or promote future events.

Hawaii Video Pro

Hawaii is quickly becoming one of the most popular locations for trade shows, conventions, and other big industry events. But it’s not the easiest place to get to for people living in the continental US, Asia, or elsewhere.

Hawaii Video Pro can help document your event with a digital video record that can be used however and whenever you like. Our team of experienced professionals can showcase your event so that you always have access to breakout sessions, keynote speeches, and even what’s going on in the exhibit hall.



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