Produce Your Own TV Show

Produce Your Own TV Show

Your Own TV Show

Do you have a can’t-miss idea for a great TV show? Maybe it’s a reality show. Or perhaps it’s an informational program that appeals to do-it-yourselfers. It could even be a scripted drama or situation comedy. Whatever your idea, if you think it’s a sure-fire hit that needs to be made, why not produce it yourself?

In today’s streaming entertainment environment, there is a nearly bottomless need for new programs — especially programming that is well-made and is aimed at an existing market hungry for more content. But the worst part about developing a TV show is having to ask other people to produce it — especially since 99.9% of the time their answer is “no”.

Executive Producer

Most people know the role actors, writers, and even directors play in the development of programming. But what do producers do? Essentially, they make sure the show gets made — on time, within budget, and up to professional standards.

There’s no instruction manual for being a TV producer. All it really requires is a great idea and the drive to transform that concept into reality. Once you make your TV show, you can distribute it any way you like. Sell it to a network or streaming service, broadcast it locally, or even use it some other way such as an industrial film or training video.

Hawaii Video Pro

If you want to produce your own TV show but don’t know where to start, Hawaii Video Pro has answers. Our production team has the experience, talent, and skills to handle the technical aspects like filming, sound and lighting, video editing, and even post-production effects.

All you need to get started is the idea, a script (or at least a bare-bones outline of what you want), and on-camera talent (which could simply be you). We can take care of most of the rest.

So instead of going hat in hand to existing production companies trying to convince them to make your show, partner with Hawaii Video Pro and simply make it yourself!



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