Digital Video Lasts Forever

Digital Video Lasts Forever

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About 15 years ago, a sea change happened in video and film production and most people didn’t even notice. Since the beginning of the recorded entertainment, productions shot onto film that had to be physically developed, edited, and transported from place to place.

Today, nearly all TV, movies, and commercial media are created using digital video. Not only it faster and cheaper to produce but — unlike film, which eventually will diminish in quality and ultimately deteriorate — digital video lasts forever. The videos you make today can be played an unlimited number of times with no declension in quality and will look the same 1,000 years from now as they do today.

Digital Video Benefits

There are also technical benefits to digital video. It’s a lot easier to create finished works because it’s super easy to edit, add effects, include sound, music, and voiceovers, and add or take out images any time you want. And with rapid increases in AI technology, even animation is becoming quick, easy, and cheap.

Another enormous benefit is that digital video can be viewed anywhere in the world on practically any device instantly. Rather than having to worry about moving reels of film from place to place, you can post your videos online and they are accessible to any screen anywhere.

Hawaii Video Pro

Hawaii Video Pro was one of the earliest adopters of digital video on the Hawaiian Islands. We have been creating professional commercial and industrial videos for local businesses for nearly 20 years. You probably have seen many of our videos and not even known where they came from.

We have the resources, experience, and knowledge to make incredible, authentic, and amazing videos for your business, institution, or organization. Find out more about how Hawaii Video Pro can help you reach more people more quickly and for less money.



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