Today’s Realtors Need Video

Today’s Realtors Need Video

Realtors Need Video

It’s simple: If you are a realtor today and you don’t provide videos of the properties you represent, you are at a distinct disadvantage. Especially in Hawaii.

Today’s buyers demand video. The days of leading prospective buyers on day-long tours of properties are over. Instead, successful realtors offer a myriad of videos that buyers can peruse at their leisure. And most will only visit those properties they are serious about buying.

Video Property Tours

In Hawaii, where buyers may live on the mainland, in Asia, or anywhere in the world, really, providing video tours of the properties you represent is even more important. You simply can’t compete if you don’t have professional, appealing videos of the homes and businesses you are trying to sell.

Ever since Covid, real estate marketing has shifted nearly 100 percent to video. When was the last time you even saw a circular featuring real estate offerings? They used to be everywhere and now you can’t even find one. Even websites that feature only photos of properties are generally considered inferior to those that have lush, appealing video tours with features like drone aerial photography and panoramic views.

Hawaii Video Pro

At Hawaii Video Pro, we have been one of the pioneers of real estate video production in the islands. Long before most realtors were even thinking about video, we were helping successful real estate professionals make sales with attractive videos that offered more compelling marketing of the properties they represented

Today, real estate video production represents one of the fastest-growing segments of our video production business. As more and more realtors discover the benefits of real estate video — and seek not to be left behind by the changing marketplace — our teams of experienced, professional videographers know all the tricks to making your properties look their best so you can sell, sell, sell!



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