Showcase Your Business with Video

Showcase Your Business with Video

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In today’s digital-centric marketing environment, video isn’t just the best way to promote your business’s products and services. It’s practically the only way.

People marketing consumption habits have changed in just the last few years. Before COVID, most people might subscribe to their local newspaper. Or get a few magazines in the mail. Or even actually look at the direct mail advertisements that landed in their mailbox. But today, most people just watch video.

And why not? It’s faster. It’s easier. And you can see and hear about the products and services you are looking for, rather than just reading a description of them.

Video Power

This isn’t a trend that’s going to reverse itself anytime soon. The younger generation of consumers who are teenagers right now already spend an average of nearly five hours of every day’s waking hours looking at social media. And platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and especially TikTok feature mostly videos.

What does this mean for your business? It’s simple. If you are creating, distributing, and promoting videos about your products and services, you simply aren’t reaching customers. And if your print-based marketing efforts are connecting with prospective buyers, why are you wasting your money on it?

Hawaii Video Pro

One of the reasons business owners are reluctant to use video is that they don’t understand how to create it. Or post it. Or use it to get new customers.

At Hawaii Video Pro, we’ve been helping local small businesses just like yours create entertaining, informative, and effective videos that attract new customers for nearly ten years. We’ve been at the forefront of the trend toward video marketing in Hawaii. So we know how to make video work for your business.

Give us a call. Odds are we’ve already got some ideas about how to make your business relevant again with exciting, creative new videos.



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