Hawaii’s Food Video Photography Experts

Hawaii’s Food Video Photography Experts

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Many people have had the experience of following a recipe carefully and looking at the finished product, asking, “Why doesn’t it look like the picture?” The reason is food photography, a niche art that requires technical skills, specialized equipment, and lot of experience to get right.

In the same way that famous actors and actresses always look a lot different up close in real life, a plate of food or a bowl of fruit is going to look ordinary on your counter. But when professional food photographers get done doing their magic, that same food is going to look incredibly attractive and defy you to want to eat it right away.

Food Photography

Photographers who specialize in food photography use a variety of tools to achieve this effect, including lighting, spritzers, and even coloring dyes and powders. Yes, makeup for food.

Videos of food require even more specialized skills. Television commercials that feature food usually need the food to be in motion, not static, to make the shot more attention-grabbing. That’s why you will frequently see things like fresh strawberries flying dramatically through a ring of water or a fast food hamburger spinning enticingly on a turntable.

Hawaii Video Pro

Food video photography is a highly specialized skill. Fortunately, Hawaii Video Pro is the local production house with the skill, experience, and vision to make your food look incredible and mouth-watering on video. We have the resources to put your food in the best light possible — literally. And we have the ideas to make your videos interesting, entertaining, and captivating.

Whether you are creating a television commercial for local or national broadcast, hosting an online cooking show, or simply seeking to highlight your cooking skills for friends and family, the food video production experts at Hawaii Video Pro can help showcase your food.



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