Now Any Video Can Include Amazing Aerial Shots

Now Any Video Can Include Amazing Aerial Shots

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Not that long ago, say a decade or so, only video producers with a big budget could afford to include aerial shots. Unless you owned a helicopter or were willing to rent a costly boom, you were limited with what you could shoot. Today, however, thanks to the wide availability of low-cost drones and improvements to video cameras, just about anybody can easily include a bird’s eye view in their video.

From establishing shots to sweeping panoramas and more, aerial video photography adds drama and glamour to any video. Whether you are making a feature film, a documentary, a television commercial, or simply a video that shows off a real estate property you are representing, including aerial shots are always a huge positive addition.

Drone Photography

Today’s drones are lighter, more compact, and more powerful than earlier versions – certainly strong enough to carry lightweight high-definition video cameras. They are also much more stable and easier to control so the images they capture look professional as well as stunning.

Video shot by drones offers static overhead shots or moving overhead shots from any angle you want. They are efficient, easy, and affordable to produce and add value to any type of video.

Hawaii Video Pro

At Hawaii Video Pro, we have been leading the industry in the use of drone video photography for nearly a decade. If you’ve seen an overhead shot that was created in Hawaii over the past ten years, odds are we probably had something to do with it.

Drone photography is effective for any type of professional video, from entertainment to commercial to industrial. Our team of experienced, professional drone video photographers can bring your vision to life with amazing overhead shots. Today’s filmmakers are no longer earthbound. Instead, they can soar above their subjects with drone video photography.



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