Digital Video Lasts Forever

Digital Video Lasts Forever

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Recently, there have been news stories about old videotapes from the 1980s still in their original package selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But the question is: How would you actually watch them?

Most people don’t have videotape machines anymore. They were replaced a long time ago by DVD players. Then Blue Ray players. And today, streaming video is all anybody watches. What the next media for playing video will be is anybody’s guess.

But one thing is for certain: The videos you create today using digital cameras, editing, and other production will last forever.

Digital Video

That’s because unlike videotape or even DVDs or BlueRays, there are no physical media that can wear out, erode, or degrade over time. Videotapes can wear down when played too many times. And while DVDs and Blue Rays videos technically are digital, they are stamped onto a physical disc that can be affected by things like sunlight, spills, or even the air.

But digital videos are stored virtually, either on physical media like a thumb drive or on the cloud. That means they can’t wear out. And they can be stored forever and reproduced and distributed as many times as you at almost zero additional cost.

Hawaii Video Pro

Many people today are taking their old videos and DVDs and converting them to digital media that will last forever. The new digital videos created today by Hawaii Video Pro will look just as sharp and clear a century from now as they do today.

Plus, digital video is much easier to edit, add effects, and upgrade the quality in post-production. While nobody knows what kinds of devices people will watch videos on in the future, as long as your videos today are created digitally, they will be available to be seen.



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