Video Marketing Critical for Hawaii Real Estate

Video Marketing Critical for Hawaii Real Estate


On the mainland, realtors can plunk a “For Sale” sign in front of a house, post a photo in a real estate magazine, and spread the word to active house seekers and a home will usually sell fairly quickly.

In Hawaii — which is 2,000 miles away from the majority of potential buyers — video marketing of properties is the better way to go.

The Honesty of Video

Everybody knows that a photo of a house or property can’t ever truly do it justice. Neither does a list of statistics, such as square footage or the number of bathrooms.

People seeking to buy real estate want to physically see what they are buying, not just read through a bunch of facts or look at pictures. Yet Hawaii’s distance from the mainland keeps most active buyers from physically touring the majority of real estate.

Video, however, offers the solution. When you post a comprehensive video of a home, business, or property, potential buyers can physically see what they are buying. It offers a more honest assessment of the value of the real estate.

Hawaii Video Marketing

Many Hawaii realtors swear by video as the most effective way to market real estate to mainlanders and islanders alike. When people can shop for homes, businesses, and property right from the comfort of their own home, it expands the number of prospective buyers and simplifies the marketing process.

People can walk through your home without actually having to travel to Hawaii to do it. They can see the overall value of your property as well as the tiny details that can make all the difference. In short, video sells!

Hawaii Video Pro works with Hawaii’s leading realtors to create professional, high-quality videos that show off the best qualities of your property and attract the best possible buyers.



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