Skip Repetitive Steps by Using Training Videos

Skip Repetitive Steps by Using Training Videos

trainingAs any hiring manager can tell you, training new employees is one of the most difficult parts of onboarding. Not only is it expensive and time-consuming, but when the new employee doesn’t make it through the process you have to start all over again.

Most big companies have the benefit of having a human resources department that can implement and 0versee new hire training. But small business owners have to do it all themselves. And spending days or even weeks getting new employees trained properly takes time and attention away from more profitable pursuits.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: Creating informative, effective training videos that can be shown to new hires over and over again without any additional diversion of resources. Not small business owners can focus on things like customer service, making sales, and the efficient operation of their businesses rather than training brand new employees.

Clear and Concise Messaging

Another problem small business owners run into is inconsistency in messaging. New employees are typically teamed up with current workers so they can learn the processes that help keep the business running. But without adequate supervision, the same new employee can get different messages from different people. Even the most well-intentioned trainer can give newbies the wrong message.

Training videos offer the benefit of giving every new employee exactly the same information. Business owners can craft their videos so they include the proper procedures that need to be followed by every employee every day. That way, there can be no confusion about the right way to do things.

Professional Training Videos

New employees respond best to training videos that are professionally produced. If you present your staff with amateurish, shaky home videos, the message won’t be as reliable and clear as a professional training video.

Hawaii Video Pro has been helping local small business owners create consistent messaging to their new and existing employees alike with professionally produced training videos that deliver the proper tone and accurate information.




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