Selling Your Home or Business?

Selling Your Home or Business?

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Most people don’t sell their homes, business, or other real estate very often. If it’s been a decade or two since you’ve had property on the market you may be surprised to learn that the entire realty business has undergone a revolutionary sea change.

The traditional methods of marketing properties for sale — brochures, open houses, in-person tours — have gone out the window. In its place are professionally produced videos that showcase your home, promote its best selling points, and attract buyers from all over without the hassle of in-person interaction.

Post Covid

The global pandemic resulted in huge changes in our society, not the least of which was the end of traditional open houses. But the changes to real estate marketing started long before the world was shut down for months at a time.

The shift toward online real estate marketing started nearly a decade ago. As access to smartphones and streaming video became near-universal, buyers luxuriated in the convenience of being able to see dozens of properties without leaving the comfort of their couch.

Today, most people selling their homes don’t host open houses. They don’t pay for expensive staging or other marketing. They may not even put a “For Sale” sign on their front yard. Instead, they call real estate video producers like Hawaii Video Pro to create idyllic, compelling videos that put their properties in the best possible light — both literally and figuratively.

Hawaii Video Pro

At Hawaii Video Pro, we have helped hundreds of local home and business owners showcase their properties with professionally produced videos. And we can help you, too.

So it’s been a while since you tried to sell your home or business, get ready for the new paradigm. And call Hawaii Video Pro so we can get started getting your home in front of prospective buyers who are ready to move in.



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