Professionally Produced Paid Program Can Bring Huge Sales

Professionally Produced Paid Program Can Bring Huge Sales

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Have you ever tuned in to one of the local TV stations during off hours and seen “paid programming”? These are essentially extended commercials that promote a particular product or service for 30 or 60 minutes.

Local TV stations often turn to paid programming to fill air time, offering these time slots at a discount so they make at least a little money rather than having to pay for syndicated programming or produce it themselves. This loophole can work to your advantage.

Paid Programming

Television’s dirty little secret is that people will keep watching even after the programs they tuned in for are over. So when your professionally produced paid programming comes onto their television sets, there is a built-in captive audience who will listen to your sales pitch. And even if a small percentage of them actually choose the product or service you are promoting, there is a potential for big sales and profits to be made.

The key to success is having your infomercial look just like all the other TV shows people watch. And that requires professional production values, like the kind available from Hawaii Video Pro. We can produce paid programming for your business that you can broadcast on local TV stations or even online as often as you would like.

Hawaii Video Pro

We offer one-stop production, including camera, sound, lighting, hair and makeup, and even direction and editing. We can even offer advice on scripting, presentation, and how to best promote your business to potential customers. Everything you need to produce effective, profitable infomercials for your business is available from Hawaii Video Pro.

People are watching local TV right now. When you present them with infomercials promoting the products and services your business offers, you can capture their attention and get them to buy into what you are selling.



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